"With what you have today, and what it costs you to live, can you retire and maintain the same lifestyle?"

The Ultimate Guide to Retirement

Because there is no precise answer to the retirement question and because retirement planning is not an equation to be solved, you/we have to model the future with tools and calculators in order to get a feeling about different scenarios, because we cannot predict the future. This is the state of the art in retirement planning. And probably always will be. However, you can prepare for it. We show you how.


Retirement Calculator:


FIRECalc offers you a probabilistic analysis, by default the program does a rolling historical analysis using economic data that goes all the way back to 1871. It offers a number of other simulation and modeling options, making it a very powerful calculator. However, the input screens can be difficult to read.  www.firecalc.com


Retirement Nest Egg Calculator:  




Asset Allocation System for Retirees


Just because you're retired doesn't mean you can relax when it comes to your investments.

Be sure to review your portfolio every six months to account for changes in your circumstances.


AA-Tool for simulation:


It will also show you the returns that the target portfolio may produce, based on historical averages.






Flexible Retirement Planner Evaluation with Monte Carlo Simulation

Check your Asset Allocation & Risk Profile and print your PDF

Your propensity to risk

How much will I need to save for retirement?


Keep Fund Fees Low

Keep Fund Fees Low.pdf
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Understanding Performance

Investors don't get average returns; they get compound returns!
Understanding performance.pdf
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Using options in a Retirement Portfolio

Options for Retirement.pdf
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Estate Planning

How to Protect Your Estate.pdf
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The Global Retirement Index

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Three Questions that will change your retirement plans

Three Questions That Will Change Your Re
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keeping your will and paperwork updated.
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Nothing saved? You can retire here for $1500 a month:

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