Investment Ideas & Options for more Income

 The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas

 as in escaping from old ones.  (John Maynard Keynes)


Think out of the box for new ideas and innovation, breach limits, be bold and exit your comfort zone. Connect with a devils advocate to test your concepts. Stresstest your models and develop strong convictions, but stay flexible and learn from errors!

Looking for breakthrough ideas?
How to Come up With a Breakthrough Idea
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For more income: sell covered calls and cash covered puts


Yield boost through selling option contracts and collecting premium income in the hope
that they won’t be exercised and thus will expire worthless. It’s an income
generating strategy currently employed by many of the most sophisticated money
managers and hedge funds. This is a high-return strategy for the long-term Investor. Buy-and -hold in combination with this Option-Strategy works just fine over time, especially with a stock that has an asymmetric risk profile and is highly volatile because of unpredictable and erratic quarterly earnings due to the nature of its business. Calculate and compare implied volatility with historical volatility and trade weekly credit spreads that gives you a "safety net" that limits any loss.



Example of an Option Strategy: Buy-and-hold and/or writing (selling) options

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Trade Volatility and do your Delta & Vega Assessment

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