Find the best expat investment opportunities

As an expat you are in a unique position and have various offshore investment opportunities open to you. We will create a bespoke personal  investment report which will help you to understand how you can:


·        Increase your private wealth.

·        Maximise returns for your money.

·        Access tax efficient  investments.

·        Find the top performing fund managers.

·        Invest at low cost.


Our partners can help you grow and protect your wealth as you move around the world.


What’s included in your bespoke Personal Investment Report?


·        We will help quantify the amount of capital you require to retire and calculate how much you need to invest to achieve this.

·        An analysis of your existing portfolio with advice on which investments you should continue holding and the investments that should be sold.

·        We will provide an independent report of your risk profile.

·        We will create a bespoke portfolio with the top performing funds matching your risk reward profile.

·        Techniques and hedging strategies to manage currency risk.

·        Option strategies to enhance your income.

·        The creditworthiness of the institutions holding your investments.


We also offer advice on Portfolio Management.


We help you organise and plan for your financial future.





„Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.“ – Agatha Christie

What about investing in a beautiful Tuscany winery?

            Buyers will find many different sizes, types and styles of wineries in the beautiful Tuscany region. 



     Acquisition of a winery as an alternative investment?


  •       Beautiful Tuscany winery in incredible locations and at  great value
  •     An appreciating property asset
  •     Local knowledge and presence is key to acquiring the right winery.


When running a winery (probably for the first time) it is important to have a trusted, locally based team that can organise and manage labour, machinery and have the knowledge to maximise the quality and quantity of wine from the vineyards.


We can offer you off-market wineries in Tuscany- Sourcing & Management, just let us know.

Do you want to be your Captain or charter a Yacht?

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