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We are a Swiss based investment advisor boutique, focusing on discretionary and non-discretionary asset management with global investments. The core competence of us is the unbiased global advisory for an international private clientele. We are always pursuing a strict tax compliant strategy. We are an innovative solution provider, successfully operating in an open architecture, with privileged access to the best-in-class funds providers and prime custodian banks. We are managing various model portfolios, aimed at capital preservation and/or enhancement. The quality of our investment desk and its performance are thus key drivers for our success. We think out-of-the box and go the extra mile for providing a personalized service and a state-of-the-art reporting. We are a small, but strong team of professionals dedicated to excellence. We have over 25 years of experience and are in the-field-tested portfolio managers. We want to be your architect and driving force to achieve your goals with a successful investment strategy and generate a robust performance for the long term. We also offer integrated investment planning services aligned with your risk profile and your personal goals.


Join our boutique with a real open platform, characterized by independency and objectivity.


This is your opportunity to become part of an exclusive and private clientele.


Portfolio Management is our passion and dedication.


You can trust us.


dictum meum pactum - "My word is my bond"



 Lawrence A. Sautter




Our investment process involves identifying long-term value investments as well as short term trading opportunities. We also invest opportunistically with the benefit ot its global perspective. We employ a research-driven process that combines top-down and bottom-up fundamental inputs in search of the themes, countries, sectors and companies with the strongest return prospects.


Some of our recommendations can be issued by email and/or twitter.


Additional research and analysis is for clients only!


If you would prefer to have Lawrence Sautter be your portfolio manager and work with him one on one please contact Lawrence via email sautterlas65@bluewin.ch




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visit us in Zürich. 


As always, we are happy to give you further customized investment information, education, instruments, tools and ideas to help you grow and safeguard your assets and achieve your goals and needs.


Risk management and discipline is key!


We appreciate your interest in our services.






Lawrence A. Sautter

CIO and Senior Portfolio Manager


I am also the Managing Editor of sautterinvest's website for investors.


Our content, education, data, news, research, analysis and tools can help you achieve your financial goals.



Member of the Royal Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI)

We adhere to the principles of professionality, excellence and integrity.





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